Our Journey

A Better Mortgage Servicing Rights Methodology

Phoenix Capital, Inc. is the product of insightful observation and burning desire to be the best. Brett Schaffer and Tim Horacek, two original founders, currently lead Phoenix Capital with their knowledge and experience acquired through many years in the mortgage industry. With others, they founded Phoenix Capital in 1996 when they saw a shifting level of sophistication in the mortgage servicing rights (MSR) market. They realized that detailed knowledge about a mortgage servicing rights (MSR) value wasn't readily available. Mortgage servicing rights (MSR) often traded and were valued based off of verbal hearsay from historical transactions with a limited amount of detailed trend analysis.

The founders noticed early on in their brokerage careers that accurate detail about market trends and current value was extremely important in advancing the accuracy and reliability of conducting mortgage servicing rights (MSR) transactions and providing mark to market valuations to the Mortgage Banking Industry. They understood that the growth in asset size and challenge of risk management of the now on balance sheet asset created the necessity of increased sophistication and accuracy of valuing and transacting the mortgage servicing right (MSR) asset. With their insight, determination and unwavering principals of integrity and transparency, they founded Phoenix Capital, Inc. which continues to lead the industry today.

Our Vision

At Phoenix we continue to adhere to our founding principals and goals.

We pride ourselves on consistently evolving as market demands change. We strive to continue to be the forerunner in sales and comprehensive transaction management of the mortgage servicing right (MSR) asset. Our ongoing quest to lead the industry in providing innovative MSR solutions drives us to constantly and keenly observe and monitor market trends, which in turn enables us to provide the highest quality advice to our clients. The original Phoenix Company, Phoenix Capital, has grown into four unique yet intertwined companies over the past nearly 20 years. Our growth is strategically focused to provide relevant outsourcing services to the Mortgage Banking Industry.

We build our teams with veterans who have backgrounds in all aspects of the mortgage industry and develop our staff with exposure to all facets of our business. Our team is built on qualities of integrity, respect, and the determination to be the best service provider in our industry specializations. We instill an environment of teamwork and "over-communication", both internally and in our external business relations. As our many clients attest, our assistance does not end at a transaction's financial closing, but continues into any facet a client may require in the future. At Phoenix, our principals are of the utmost importance and we consider them to be the foundation of our success.

Our Philosophy

Our founders made a vow to provide ownership opportunities to those employees who make substantial contributions to the company's success. Over nearly twenty years and hundreds of successful transactions later, our founders continue to uphold that promise. To show their appreciation for years of hard work and dedication, they have extended several veteran employees a partnership in the company. Phoenix's driving principles create a work environment where employees participate in the firm's success and are afforded an "open door policy". This mindset is a key driver in the company's successful position in the market. Also, the Phoenix companies extend their philosophy to places beyond the normal work setting. Contributions of time, effort and monetary donations to local and national philanthropies are a residing theme in how we give back to our community.


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