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Member Experience

Areas of Expertise

Key Accomplishments

Kelly Wayne Garland


•Steel Mountain Capital Management
•Security National
•Matrix Capital Bank
•United Financial
•National Mortgage Research
•First Mortgage Strategies Group

•Pulte Financial Corporation

•Performing, scratch & dent, non-performing loan valuation
•Loan-level risk identification
•Trading strategy execution
•Servicing oversight asset management
•Loss mitigation implementation
•Data analysis and modeling
•Structured finance

•Loan file due-diligence

•Deployment of over $2B of equity capital in single-family residential market
•Purchased over $32MM single-family residential utilizing personal capital
•Traded/performed analytics on > $750B of single-family residential assets
•Key executive/founder of six separate trading desks
•Architect of multiple loan level valuation methods
•Acted as loan sale advisor on multiple $1B portfolios
•Provided expert testimony and analytics on multiple headline-worthy legal matters

Julie Riccatone


•Steel Mountain Capital Management
•Security National
•Matrix Capital Bank
•Resolution Trust Corporation
•Otero Savings and Loan
•Extensive knowledge of collateral documents
•Expertise in research of missing collateral or credit documents
•Contract finance/transaction management
•Servicing oversight asset management
•All aspects of loan file due diligence

•Advanced knowledge of MERS

•In depth assistance with start up of three separate companies that purchase & trade whole loans
•Manage servicing transfer of >$5B single-family residential to various servicers
•Review/manage all collateral on > $2B single-family residential assets
•Participated in closing >250 failed financial institutions
•Reviewed/Negotiated >3,500 purchase & sale agreements
•Closed and funded > 4,000 whole loan transactions

Brian Cerise

VP Sales & Trading

•Steel Mountain Capital Management
•Spicy Pickle Franchising
•Sebring Capital
•Morningstar Mortgage

•Stonecreek Funding

•Agency, government, scratch & dent, and non-agency performing loan valuation
•Trading execution
•Continuing education of U/W guidelines, compliance, and other ongoing industry initiatives
•Maintaining key buy/sell client relationships
•Assembled and managed thousands of transactions benefitting both buy & sell side clients as well as internal equity partners
•Reviewed and valued > $2B performing whole loans
•Currently manage PWLS trading desk and played integral role in transition from SMCM to PWLS
•Respected mortgage industry speaker
•Consistently ranked as a top company producer as both wholesale AE and retail LO

Cory Lambert

VP Trading & Analytics

•BlackBox Logic
•Braddock Financial Corp.
•Mortgage modeling & valuation
•Large-scale data & analytics
•Structured finance
•Investment management
•Machine learning
•Lean startup, agile software development
•Led BlackBox Logic, a mortgage data & analytics company, to profitability and acquisition by Moody’s Analytics
•Built enterprise-grade valuation & analysis platforms for performing & non-performing whole loans and private-label securities
•Performed analytics during orderly liquidation of private-label securities portfolios while making new opportunistic onvestments during housing crisis

Anthony Ianni

VP Sales

•MCT Trading
•PHH Mortgage
•Franklin American Mortgage Corp.
•GMAC Bank Correspondent Lending
•Crusader Bank Mortgage
•Advanta Mortgage Corp.
•ComNet Mortgage Services
•Mortgage pipeline trading and hedging
•Lock desk oversight and product development
•Post closing management including delivery and post funding
•Broker to banker transitions
•Correspondent sales management
•Loan officer training
•Secondary marketing policy and procedure design
•Initiated pipeline management function process resulting in greater performance for struggling clients
•Responsible for training and mentoring clients new to hedging
•Developed and implemented strategy to grow PHH funding's in Mid Atlantic from $40mm to $100mm per month
•Deep origination guideline and documentation understanding developed across multiple market cycles and origination platforms
•Extensive client services experience allowing for quick and meaningful problem resolution via an experienced perspective


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