Meet the Team - Phoenix Collateral Advisors, LLC

Meet the Team

-John Burnett, President-

John Burnett, PresidentJohn Burnett, President of Phoenix Collateral Advisors, LLC, has 20 years of mortgage banking and servicing experience.  During this period John has overseen the servicing management of hundreds of thousands of loans, and more than ten thousand real estate liquidations.  John has worked closely with Wall Street investment firms and GSE’s to execute loan retention and liquidation strategies.  Throughout John’s career he has focused on providing clients with asset level solutions rather than task management metrics.  

Prior to joining the Phoenix Family of Companies John held executive and senior leadership positions with Integrated Asset Services, Statebridge Company, IBM/Seterus and Wilshire Credit Corporation/Merrill Lynch.  






-Shuaib Hassan, Vice President-

Shuaib Hassan, Vice President of Phoenix Collateral Advisors, LLC has over 12 years of mortgage banking, servicing and credit risk management experience.  Previously, he was the President of Fair Oaks Consulting, LLC, a mortgage litigation support services provider.  Prior to Fair Oaks, Shuaib was the  SVP of Professional Services at Wingspan Portfolio Advisors.   Shuaib brings over 12 years of experience in the credit risk management and surveillance of fixed-income securities, as well as performing and non-performing whole loan pools.   Shuaib co-founded a due diligence firm (AMRE Solutions) that provided re-underwriting, default services, and servicer oversight of distressed loans to hedge funds, investment banks and whole-loan traders.  The business interest of AMRE Solutions was acquired by Wingspan Portfolio Advisors in April 2013.

Prior to AMRE Solutions, Hassan worked in various roles in surveillance, credit risk management and due diligence for The Murryhill Company and Clayton Holdings. As a credit risk manager of over 500 mortgage-backed securities (MBS),  Shuaib ran a department that oversaw securities issued by Wall Street’s biggest issuers including Lehman Brothers, Credit Suisse, Nomura, Deutsche Bank, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and various other issuers.  The duties of credit risk manager on these securities including providing third party independent surveillance of the various parties in the trust including originators, servicers, master servicers, trustees, mortgage insurers, and securities administrators.  The main task at hand was to ensure that all parties adhered to their respective fiduciary responsibilities in accordance to the deal’s specific Prospectus Supplement, Pooling and Servicing Agreements, Mortgage Loan Purchase Agreements (MLPA) and legal and regulatory requirements. 


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