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Phoenix Capital

Since its founding in 1996, Phoenix Capital, Inc. ("PCI") has grown into a market leading mortgage banking advisor that specializes in mortgage servicing rights (MSRs). PCI helps its clients succeed by creating uniquely tailored strategies to achieve best execution for each individual client’s objectives. Having exclusively managed approximately $700 billion of successful MSR transactions for our selling clients since 2013 alone, PCI's seasoned management team offers an unmatched understanding of the MSR market and are frequently requested as industry speakers. 

Phoenix Capital has also been retained exclusively and repeatedly by top national, regional and independent mortgage banks, in addition to being selected by Ginnie Mae to be their exclusive MSR advisor.

A respected expert in the mortgage banking industry, PCI is featured speaker at various events, including the MBA’s Annual, Secondary, Independent Mortgage Bankers, and Accounting & Financial Management conferences, the MBA School of Mortgage Servicing, Regional and State MBA conferences, and the Fannie Mae Lender Forum.

As the market leader in mortgage servicing brokerage, PCI has the most intimate knowledge of the transaction market at any point in time. Entering into an MSR transaction is an important decision in any environment, but Phoenix Capital helps guide their clients to make this decision at the best possible time when dynamic market forces are favorable to their objectives.

Full Service Mortgage Servicing Rights Advisor

Phoenix Capital is the preeminent mortgage servicing rights broker for all bulk and flow transaction types. Phoenix Capital has forged relationships of trust with a vast community of buyers and sellers. Our relationships continue to strengthen through accurately assessing trade levels and through introduction of new, sensible business tactics.

The founding principles of Phoenix Capital hinge on maintaining a strongly integrated team of highly skilled and experienced personnel with one common goal: to create and maintain optimal execution in any given market environment while facilitating a smooth transaction for our mortgage brokerage clients. In this regard, Phoenix differentiates itself from its competition by advising its clients through the entire sales process: from strategic sales selection to market offering to bid analysis to contract negotiation.

Market Discovery for Mortgage Servicing Rights

Mt Evans in the Spring

Market discovery is critical to providing our clients with realistic trade values given the current market and the various execution methodologies available to them. Having a pinpoint snapshot on each sale structure for each product type ensures that every client is maximizing execution. We utilize our team's vast knowledge and experience to identify the best marketing strategies for a client's mortgage servicing rights portfolio when taken to the market for sale. Through their expert insight and market perspective from countless transactions, Phoenix Capital can identify the portfolio composition and optimal market times to trade in. For clients that do not aggregate bulk mortgage servicing rights (MSR) for sale, Phoenix Capital also identifies the most competitive investor and service released strategy through its indsutry leading flow sales process.

Recent MSR Transaction Highlights:

  • Multiple new MSR flow (e.g. co-issue/concurrent/PIIT) relationships established across Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae products (Ongoing throughout 2015)
  • Multiple new MSR bulk portfolio sales across Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae (Ongoing throughout 2015; average trade size range $250 million - $5 billion)
  • Multiple confidential multi-billion MSR portfolios

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